The General Data Protection Regulation compliance

From the May of 2018, TF Pump Supplies and Services will be fully GDPR compliant, as a company we have always ensured and respected the privacy of our clients, and we are delighted that legislation is now in place.

What data do we keep or track – simplified

As a visitor to our website, Google Analytics will use the cookies from your browser to track how your visit – information stored by Google Analytics does not include personal data, only information such as session period, pages visited, hardware used and other similar bits of information.

If you input any information into our website – such as placing an order, or sending us a message via our contact form, this information will be stored in the backend of our secure website, only certain people within our company have access to this information.

Your right to be forgotten

Part of the GDPR is to allow visitors to be forgotten, any previous information stored in our website/database to be deleted – if you would like this to happen then please e-mail – and we will look to delete your information within 14 days.

For more information, or to speak to our GDPR representative then please get in touch, either via live chat, email or by phoning us.