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Electric Diaphragm Pump

Electric Diaphragm Pumps – EODD

The Husky 1050e and 2150E are very unique electric pumps. It combines the advantages of an Air Operated Double Diaphragm pump (stalling, running dry, self-priming and seal-less design) into an Electric pump (5 x more energy efficient than an air operated pump and quieter operation).

The Husky  E-Series is the only electric diaphragm pump range that can stall without damaging the pump or the production line. You don’t need to install pressure sensors, and can also come in a sanitary set up for use within FDA compliant setups.

Why choose an electrically driven membrane pump EODD

  • The only electrically powered diaphragm pump on the market that will stop and hold the lead on pressure when running close the discharge valve.
  • Over 2600 combinations to choose from.
  • Energy efficient
  • Silent, less than 70 dBA (compared to an air pump> 80 dBA)
  • All the advantages of electric diaphragm pumps + the advantages of an electrically driven pump
  • Easy to integrate and control from your Control PC / PLC
  • Mobile pump trolley allows you to easily and quickly move the pump
  • Ideal for applications requiring low pulsation and quiet flow.
  • Applications: Products
  • Pumped thin to very thick products Solvents, Pasta
  • Perfect for Sheer sensitive products Dispersions, Paint, Ink, Latex
  • Ideal as a feed pump for filling machine’s Acids, Alkalis, Slurries
  • Transport and dosing pump