53081-2053-230 Utility 80' 1½" Self-Priming Flexible Impeller Pump (For Lube Oil)

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Product Details

  • Brand: Jabsco
  • Part Number: 53081-2063-230
  • Family: Utility
  • Porting: BSP
  • Material: Bronze

BSP threaded connections for on-board & dockside holding tank pump-out

  • Connections: 1½” BSP internal threaded ports – Use CW210 brass hose connectors for 1½” bore hose.
  • Dimensions: 330mm long, 250mm wide, 240mm high
  • Output: up to 75 litres/minute
  • Built-in dry-running protection for up to 30 minutes after initial prime
  • Rapid self-priming from dry up to 3m
  • Will handle hard or soft solids
  • Corrosion resistant bronze body, stainless steel shaft
  • Carbon-ceramic mechanical shaft seal
  • Simple, fully serviceable design with few wearing parts
  • Maximum recommended liquid viscosity: 1000cSt
  • Continuously Rated Motor
  • P55 Electric Motor, Nitrile oil-resistant impeller. Heavy Duty