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Borehole Pumps

Borehole Pumps

As the name suggests submersible borehole pumps are designed and manufactured to be submerged within a tank, well or another container, containing fluid. They can be used for a variety of applications from extracting water or other fluids, such as oil or natural gases. Borehole pumps are very effective, as they are powered by electricity and do not require manpower to access the ground liquid being pumped.

Borehole pumps that we offer can come in a number of sizes, materials, and various motor models, Ebara also offer a hydraulic version.

Which Brands of Borehole Pumps do We sell?

We can source all Borehole pumps types, including the following:

Different Types of Borehole Pumps

We offer Borehole pumps up to 12″ in diameter, with a number of motor and body/casings options.