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Alfa Laval

Alfa Laval Pumps

Alfa Laval offers a number of centrifugal pumps that are perfect for hygienic applications.

For more information on Alfa Laval Pumps, please contact us on 01332 913 500 or email us at sales@tfpumps.com.

Wilo Pumps

Wilo Pumps

Wilo Pumps offer a number of pumps perfect for the water management, building services, and industrial sectors.

TF Pumps have extensive knowledge and experience of all Wilo Pumps, we have been selling and refurbing them for many years now.

For more information on how a Wilo pump would be the perfect choice for you, please contact us for more information.

Wilo Pumps

Spandau Vogel Pumps

Spandau Pumps feed coolants in machine tools. But they also ensure functionality in laser technology, on printing machines and beverage-cooling systems, laboratory and medical equipment as well as metal-plating installations, stone saws and tempering equipment.

Spandau pumps also help cut machinery noise. They run quietly and smoothly with computer-optimized impellers. Perfectly matched motors from our own production lines save electricity and ensure high efficiencies. Intelligent materials are a precondition for trouble-free running performance. Spandau pumps use finely harmonized combinations of materials based on modular systems, the materials ranging from nickel-chromium steel to sophisticated high-tech plastics. As a result, these pumps can handle extreme conditions in aggressive or abrasive, extremely hot or cold fluids. We work together with our customers to develop special pumps for unique or particularly critical applications. Our pumps solve your problems.

Their compact dimensions save space. Well thought-out designs as well as easy installation and dismantling ensure fast maintenance and easy cleaning.

Specialties comprising Spandau’s range of products include high-pressure coolant pumps and sealless immersion pumps with free-floating shafts. Their great advantage: they can also be used to pump liquids contaminated with particles. Wear remains low, and there’s no danger if they run dry.


Verder Pumps

Verder manufacturers and supplies high quality pumping solutions throughout the world to a variety of industries including: water and wastewater, printing, packaging, chemical, industrial, food and beverage, construction and pharmaceutical.

Verder a­s range of quality, industrial pumps can assist in any application and include: peristaltic pump, Air-diaphragm pump, Mag Drive centrifugal pump and gear pumps.

Verder has vast experience in providing reliable pumping equipment and cost effective fluid handling solutions and with over 50 years experience we are specialists in this field.

Chugger Pumps

Chugger Pumps

The Perfect Home Brew Pump

Chugger pumps are the perfect solution for homebrew or small craft style breweries, they offer a small number of style of pumps, in both Stainless Steel (FDA Regulated) and Polysulfone.

The style of these homebrew pumps makes it very easy to clean, and easy to fix – Chugger claim that 99% of all pump failures are easily fixed.

Chugger Pumps

Riptide Pumps

Riptide Brewery Pumps

From Blichmann Engineering

Riptide pumps are simple and easy to use, the head made from stainless steel, and is able to rotate 360 degrees. The connections are 1/2″ NPT (inlet/ outlet).

The tri-clamp head connection allows the end user to disassemble in a matter of seconds, making it simple to clean.

The power connection is an EU plug, we include a free of charge EU to UK adaptor with each and every order.

Riptide Pumps from Blichmann Engineering

Riptide Pumps from Blichmann Engineering

Riptide Pumps from Blichmann Engineering

Zeta Pumps

Zeta Pumps

Specialist Liquid Pumps

Zeta Pumps offer a number of pump ranges that are designed for the transfer of various liquids. Pump Types include:

  • Vacuum (Liquid Ring Systems)
  • Peristaltic
  • Centrifugal  
  • Peripheral
  • Positive Displacement

Zeta Pumps