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Bredel and Watson-Marlow Bredel

Bredel and Watson-Marlow Bredel Pumps

Over six billion peristaltic pumps are operating every day throughout the world handling sensitive and aggressive fluids.

They are inside every one of us. The peristaltic process contracts muscle walls and squeezes out fluids completely and efficiently, wanted and unwanted, solids and liquids. It is the toughest of the pumping systems developed by nature and has not been surpassed since life began and Watson-Marlow Bredel engineered it.

We have perfected this same principle, and have supplied over one million pumps to meet the needs of industry and science.

We too have not been surpassed, and Watson-Marlow Bredel is the world’s largest manufacturer of peristaltic pumps.

Bredel and Watson-Marlow Bredel