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Midland Pumps

Midland Pumps

Midland Pump Manufacturing Company Ltd is a privately owned producer of gear pumps and specialised pump equipment. Midland pumps are of the external fixed clearance gear pump type, lubricated by the pumped fluid.

The Gear Pump Range includes 30 basic pump sizes, in four groups, and an extensive range of optional features, Midland offers literally hundreds of pump specification permutations. Specific discharges range from 0.07mL per revolution to 285mL per revolution ( ~ 285 litres/min at 1000 rpm).

Our designs offer virtually unlimited scope for mounted pump configurations. Standard arrangements include flange, foot, base plate and vertical tank top mountings and where quantities permit we can provide specially engineered mountings.

We also offer a range of fully engineered solutions for various pumping applications. These are supplied as packaged equipment including the pump, mounting, control equipment and hoses.
Full parts, service and repair facilities are provided to maximise the long working lives of our pumps.

Midland Pumps