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With the increase of wild weather conditions, higher water levels and budget reductions on flood defences, pumping flood water is becoming a more regular occurrence. Owning a water pump can prove extremely useful for the above emergencies in the home, along with for gardening, pumping water from a borehole, a well or filling a swimming pool.

If flooding is severe it is recommended to turn off your electricity as soon as possible, but only if you can do without stepping in water. If you cannot reach your fuse box without stepping in water then call an electrician.

Some water pumps can be powered using a ‘non-interruptible supply’; this means that they are powered by external batteries or by a generator so that if the mains supply is cut as a result of the flooding, the pump will still be able to function in order to keep pumping the water out.


LPM Discharge Capacity

The amount of water a pump can expel is measured in ‘litres per minute’ (LPM), this allows you to gauge how quickly a pump will drain the water.

The larger and more powerful the pump is, the higher the flow rate will be.

Vertical Suction Lift

If you are picking up a water pump for a flooded basement, draining a pond or similar, then it is important to consider if the distance between the water and the pump is enough to get it to the pump for discharge.

Maximum Head Lift

The Maximum Head Lift will let you know what the total height of the pump is from the water source to the discharge point.

This figure tells what distance the pump can move water over for the job you’re needing it for.

Condition of Water

Is the water to be pumped fresh water or salt water and will there be debris in the water to consider?

Flood water is usually dirty water, or refered to as “black water”. You will need to ensure your pump is suitable for the water type.

Type of Pump

There are different types of water pumps, depending on the job you need it for. The pumps that we deem ideal for flood water would be:

- Submersible Pumps
- Puddle Pumps
- Engine Driven Pumps
- Complete Flood Kits

Submersible Pumps

Submersible pumps, also referred to as sump pumps, are encased in a tight waterproof shell and comes with a sealed electrical cord for safety, allowing them to be completely submerged in water. Their outlet, typically located at the top of the pump, is usually British Standard Porting (BSP), allowing you to easily attach a hose barb and hose. The larger the outlet is, the faster it will pump out water. These pumps are available in 110v, 230v and 400v.

They are ideal for draining flooded basements, cellars & gardens and an easy plug in and play option when your electrics haven’t been affected.

The downside of submersible pumps is that they only drain to a certain level, leaving you with surface water. To combat this, some pump models offers a shallow suction device add on which can be mounted on the pumps, ensuring complete drainage of flooded floors (down to 3mm).

Puddle Sucker Pumps

Puddle Sucker Pumps are compact submersible pumps that alleviate the need for any additional suction devices. Puddle suckers are able to drain water down to 1mm and allows for the remaining residue to be swept into the pump for removal.

The pumps we have on offer are available in 110v or 230v and have a hose barb included, ready for you to attach your hose. They are generally smaller than your average submersible pump, meaning they remove the water slower.

They are simple plug in and pump solutions for removing flood water from cellars, garages and basements.

Engine Driven Pumps

If you are stuck without power then an engine driven pump would be the most suitable. Engine pumps will require oil for the engine and petrol before they are used, and they cannot be submerged in water. They do however have a considerably bigger suction lift than submersible pumps, so are still ideal for emptying flooded cellars & basements.

The engine pumps on offer are small and compact, making them portable and ideal for flooding situations.

If your house, basement or land is prone to flooding then a flood kit should always be on hand. We have 4 different options with our flood kits to suit your circumstances. All of our flood kits are ready to be used, they come complete with a straining box, which will help stop solids from entering your pumps, and can also be used to store the pump in. Our kits also come with hose barbs and 15 metres of green suction hose, allowing you to get set up in minutes.

Lowara DOC 3 Flood Kit

  • 230v Electric Pump
  • 135 LPM Max Flow Rate
  • Solids Up To 10mm
  • Magnetic Float Switch
  • 10 Metres of Cable

Calpeda GXM Zero Flood Kit

  • Engine Powered Pump
  • 115 LPM Max Flow Rate
  • Solids Up To 5mm
  • Max Suction Lift 8 Metres
  • 0.55 Litre Fuel Tank

Koshin SEH-25L Flood Kit

  • 230v Electric Pump
  • 135 LPM Max Flow Rate
  • Solids Up To 10mm
  • Magnetic Float Switch
  • 10 Metres of Cable

Lowara DOMO 15 Flood Kit

  • 230v Electric Pump
  • 450 LPM Max Flow Rate
  • Solids Up To 50mm
  • With Float Switch
  • 10 Metres of Cable

If you are not buying a complete kit, you will need to think about what kind of hose your application requires, and what accessories you will need too. We have a wide range of hoses available, with different specifications, as well as hose barbs, connectors and jubilee clips. Take some time to browse our offerings.

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