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Grundfos pumps and circulators

Grundfos Pump Specialists

Grundfos has always been one of the most innovative companies in the rapidly developing field of technology. We have constantly found new ways of doing things and at the same time we have refined the basic materials.

By taking technology to its limits and following new directions, we have pioneered manufacturing techniques and pump technology which have been adopted by other leading pump manufacturers. Our mass-production philosophy began with our first centrifugal pump, the CP3, in the 1950s, which was based on a modular design. It then became possible to supply many variants from a relatively small number of standard components.

Improved techniques for machining stainless steel later enabled mass production of all-stainless steel pumps and the same principles have again been applied to the new all-titanium pumps. Each step has fundamentally changed perceptions of corrosion-resistance in pumps, so now even sea water poses no threat.

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