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Circulator Pumps

What is a Circulator Pump?

A circulator pump, also referred to as a circulating pump, is a specialised pump designed for circulating gases, liquids, or slurries within a closed circuit. These pumps are commonly used to circulate water in hydronic heating or cooling systems. Since they operate within a closed circuit, their primary challenge is overcoming the friction within the piping system rather than lifting a fluid from a lower potential energy point to a higher one.

In hydronic systems, circulator pumps are typically electrically powered centrifugal pumps. In residential settings, they are often compact, sealed, and have a rating at a fraction of a horsepower. On the other hand, in commercial applications, circulator pumps vary in size, reaching high horsepower, and the electric motor is usually mechanically coupled to the pump body.

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Ebara Ego Circulator

Ebara Ego Series

Circulator pumps specifically made for residential and industrial heating and air-conditioning systems.


Lowara Ecocirc Circulators


Wide range of quality made Circulator Pumps available for multiple applications.

Ecocirc D5 Solar