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valve balls group

Valve Balls

Located in the fluid chamber, balls serve as check valves, regulating the flow of the fluid being pumped. Typically sat on top of the seats, they function to prevent backflow when the diaphragm cycles. As the diaphragms move, they create alternating pressures within the fluid chambers, the ball check valve on the higher pressure side will open, allowing fluid to flow through the pump.

Over time, balls will wear due to factors such as abrasion, high pressures, extreme temperatures and more. Choosing the correct material for your product as well as regular inspection and replacment of damaged or worn balls can help mitigate the risk of failures.

TF Pump Supplies and Services Limited stock a wide range of Valve Balls including EPDM, Nitrile, PTFE, Stainless Steel, Viton, Santoprene and more that are suitable for an array of different diaphragm pump manufactures as well as all sorts of other non-return valve applications.

epdm valve ball


Ideal for water based, acidic & alkaline products.

stainless steel valve ball

Stainless Steel

Ideal for very thick, abrasive, food grade products.

viton fkm ball

Viton / FKM

Ideal for water based & oil based products.

ptfe teflon valve ball

PTFE / Teflon

Ideal for solvent, acidic & alkaline products.

buna nitrile valve ball

Buna / Nitrile

Ideal for water based & oil based products.

neoprene valve ball


Ideal for a wide range of chemicals.

acetal valve ball


Ideal for alcohols and diesel.

santoprene valve ball


Ideal for water based products.