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What is a Peristaltic Pump?

A peristaltic pump, or hose pump, is a type of positive displacement pump used for pumping a variety of fluids. The fluid is contained within a flexible tube fitted inside a circular pump casing (though linear peristaltic pumps have been made). A rotor with a number of “rollers”, “shoes” or “wipers” attached to the external circumference compresses the flexible tube. As the rotor turns, the part of tube under compression closes (or “occludes”) thus forcing the fluid to be pumped to move through the tube. Additionally, as the tube opens to its natural state after the passing of the cam (“restitution” or “resilience”) fluid flow is induced to the pump. This process is called peristalsis and used in many biological systems such as the gastrointestinal tract.

Why use a peristaltic pump?

Peristaltic pumps are generally considered to be a more energy efficient pump, and a typically lower maintenance requirement results in a lower life cost of the pump.

Pumping high viscosity product is another known benefit, with the correct pump configuration you can easily pump viscosities in excess of 50,000 cps.

If you have a delicate product you are looking to pump, the design of a peristaltic pump will reduce the shearing, for instance in a brewing environment you will cause less stress to your wort or beer.

Compatable Peristaltic Hose For Boyser FMP-70 - EPDM Rubber

Peristaltic Pump Hoses

We offer a wide range of hoses that are suitable for most major peristaltic pump brands.

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Peristaltic Pump Lubrication

Food grade roller and shoe lube in a wide range of volumes, from 0.75l to 1000l.

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Which Brands Offer Peristaltic Pumps?