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In a pump, a mechanical seal serves as a crucial component to prevent leakage of fluid from the pump’s housing where the shaft passes through. It essentially acts as a barrier to keep the pumped fluid contained within the system and prevent it from escaping into the environment.

The mechanical seal in a pump typically consists of two main parts: a stationary seal face that is attached to the pump housing, and a rotating seal face that is attached to the shaft. These faces are pressed together with a specific amount of force, creating a seal that prevents fluid from leaking out along the shaft.

Mechanical seals are liable to damamge from high temperatures, abrasive particles, excessive pressure and many more reasons. Having a mechanical seal kit on hand will ensure minimal downtime for your operation.

Each pump will have a specific mechanical seal based on the pump model and the application. Browse our range of mechanical seal kits below, or contact our friendly team to help identify the correct kit for your pump.