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flood water pumps

Find the right Flood Water Pump for your application

What is the best pump to use for Flood Water?
The answer to this question depends on the application details, many factors need to be taken into consideration, including, the location of the flood water, the access to electricity, how much water there is, how far it needs to be pumped, if there are any solids and so on.

Below are our recommended Flood Pumps taking into consideration difference circumstances, we also offer Complete Flood Kits, which are a plug in and pump solution to nuisance water.

If you need help choosing the correct pump for your application, please view our guide here or call us on +44 1332 913500

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submersible flood pumps

Submersible Pumps

They are ideal for draining flooded basements, cellars & gardens and an easy plug in and play option when your electrics haven’t been affected.


puddle sucker flood pumps

Puddle Suckers

They are simple plug in and pump solutions for removing flood water from cellars, garages and basements down to 1mm. No need for addtional suction devices.

110v 230v

flood kit complete

Flood Kits

Our Flood Kits come complete with a pump, hose barb, clips and 15m of green Suction hose. The box will also stop big solids from clogging up the pump.

Doc 3 Automatic Calpeda Manual Honda Engine Powered Domo Automatic

engine powered flood pumps

Engine Powered Pumps

Engine Powered Pumps are ideal for when electricity has been affected.


flood pumps hoses

Hoses & Accessories

We have lots of different hoses to choose from, as well as jubilee clips, hose barbs and menders.

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