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brewery pumps

Find the right brewery pump for your brewery

What is the best pump to use in a brewery?

This inquiry involves multiple factors. Whilst a peristaltic pump is deemed the top choice, given its rotary or shoe hose design, minimizing interference with the product, it may be unsuitable for smaller breweries.

Where cost and size are crucial considerations, a centrifugal pump equipped with a specialised hard-faced mechanical seal designed for temperatures up to 110°C is often a more practical recommendation.

Why can I not use any pump?

Breweries often pump fluid at high temperatures, and often contain solid particles, so it is imperative that a pump is sourced that is capable of handling all of this.

For help choosing your Brewery pump, please see our guide or contact us.

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enivroflex brewery pumps


Enivroflex's pumps are reliable, cheap to maintain & operate and energy efficient to run. They are easy to clean & sanitise, and are ideal for racking or dispensing beer.

L25 - 1" L32 - 1 1/2"

lowara brewery pumps


Lowara's Brewery Pumps are specially fitted with a brewery style mechanical seal, and are perfect for small to medium sized breweries.

CEA Series

blichmann brewery pumps


Riptide is the very first pump specifically designed for homebrewing, it’s totally enclosed motor is splash proof and super quiet.

Riptide Triclamp Riptide NPT

ebara brewery pumps


Ebara's DWO range are built with open impellers, allowing it to pump solids up to 19mm, making it a very suitable solution for a Brewery Pump

>DWO Range