L25 Enviroflex Peristaltic Hose Pump – Suitable For The Food & Beverage Industry

£3,069.60 Inc VAT

Excluding VAT: £2,558.00

Product Details

  • Brand: Enviroflex
  • Part Number: L25-BREW
  • Range: L25

Pump Model & Size: L25 (1”)
Wetted Hose Material: White Food Grade FDA Compliant Natural Rubber (Option of White Food Grade FDA Compliant Nitrile Rubber)
Hose Connector Material: 316 stainless steel
Connection Standard: 1” x 1” Tri-Clamp (50.5mm Outside Diameter Flange) – RJT, SMS, IDF & DIN-11851 Adaptor on Request
Standard Connection Orientation: 9 O’clock (Can Be Built at 3 O’clock on Request)
Non-Wetted Pump Body & Frame: Satin Finish 304 stainless steel
Gearbox Output Speed / Flow: 37 – 62Rpm / 922 – 1,536 Litres per Hour (4.06 – 6.76 US Gallons per Minute)
Displacement Per Revolution: 0.41 Litres (0.108 US Gallons)
Maximum Working Pressure: 10 Barg (145 Psig)
Electric Motor: 1.1 Kilowatt (1.5 Horse Power) IP55 TEFV General Purpose c/w 90 Degree Bevel Gearbox (Reduced Foot Print) c/w Integrated Speed Control Inverter
Electrical Supply: 230 Volt/1 Phase/50-60 Hertz (Other Electrical Supplies Available on Request)
Max Temp: 80ºC

Cater wheels available on request

CE Mark