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What is a Magnetic Drive Pump?

Magnetic Drive Pumps, also known as a Mag-Dive Pumps or Magnetically Coupled Pumps, are designed to operate where the impeller is not directly connected to the motor, instead, both the motor and the impeller are linked to magnets. When the motor’s magnet rotates, it induces a corresponding rotation in the other magnet, causing the impeller to turn.

Magnetic Drive Pumps do not have conventional shaft seals, which are a common source of leaks and maintenance issues in traditional pumps. This makes them suitable for handling corrosive, hazardous, or environmentally sensitive fluids, and because the pump is sealed, there is minimal risk of contaminants entering the fluid being pumped.

Magnetic Drive Pumps are chosen for applications where maintaining a leak-free and contamination-free environment is crucial. Their design enhances safety, reliability, and efficiency in handling a wide range of fluids.

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