Aro P391B4-604 PIGGYBACK (1000 SERIES)- 15302821 – 1/4″ BSP

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ARO compressed air filter/regulators are designed to remove airborne solid and liquid contaminant’s which may plug small orifices and hinder
performance, or cause excessive wear and premature equipment failure. Several filter elements are offered, including models with coalescing
elements for removal of oil aerosols and particles down to 0.3 micron. In addition to filtration the regulators portion provides controlled, consistent air pressure as required for specific pneumatic equipment connected to the air system. Standard relieving-type regulators are offered in
a variety of adjustable pressure ranges, with convenient spring options for easy conversion should requirements change. Non-relieving models
are also offered for applications where the venting of downstream overpressure is undesirable.

Product Details

  • Brand: Aro
  • Part Number: P391B4-604
  • Pump Code: P391B4-604
  • Max Flow Rate: 47 scfm

Filter-regulator, or a piggyback, combine the functions of both a filter and regulator. Piggybacks are compact and most effective when space is a constraint. Piggybacks can be ordered with different filter elements and can be modified with different springs, depending on the filtration and air regulating requirements.


Industry leading flow rates
Low leak rates
All modular design
Full line accessory set
Locking bowls for safety
Bright, flush mount gauge with settable fan feature
5 micron standard filter
2 year manufactures warranty

Materials of Construction
Polycarbonate Bowl: Polycarbonate
Polycarbonate Bowl Guard: Nylon
Metal Bowl: Aluminium
Metal Bowl Sight Glass: Nylon
Filter Body: Aluminium
Manual Drain: Steel & Nitrile
Auto Drain: Acetal
Standard Filter: Polyethylene
Coalescing Filter: Hepa paper & Felt
Seals: Nitrile
Filter Baffle: Acetal
Diaphragm: Nitrile & Acetal
Regulator Body: Aluminium
Regulator Valve: Brass & Nitrile
Regulator Spring: Steel
Gauge Cover: Nylon & Polycarbonate
Regulator Knob: Acetal
O-rings: Nitrile