Aro L363E1-100 LUBRICATOR (2000 SERIES) – 15303886 – 3/4″ BSP

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ARO-Flo mist-type lubricators help ensure
that pneumatic devices receive the required
lubrication to maintain peak performance,
reduce wear, and prolong service life. They
are designed to provide the correct amount
of oil required for most general applications
in a pneumatic system, delivering a
constant ratio of oil to air flow. Precise oil
feed adjustment sets the proper oil drip
rate. Lubricators should be installed close
to the downstream application to ensure
effective distribution of oil.

Product Details

  • Brand: Aro
  • Part Number: 3886
  • Family: 2000 Series
  • Max Flow Rate: 222 scfm
  • Porting: BSP


Industry leading flow rates
Low leak rates
All modular design
Full line accessory set
Locking bowls for safety
2 year warranty

Materials of Construction
Lubricator Body : Aluminium
Lubricator Sight Dome : Nylon
Lubricator Inlet Tube : Urethane
Seals : Nitrile