Aro SB10P-APS-U Pulsation Dampener – 99877482

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The ARO SB10P-APS-U pulsation dampener mitigates unwanted flow or pressure pulsation inherent with systems using diaphragm pumps. Pulsation in a piping system can often cause hydraulic shock, splashing, and foaming of material. Unlike other brands, the ARO pulsation dampener reduces process flow pulsation automatically, eliminating the need for operator involvement.

Product Details

  • Brand: Aro
  • Part Number: 7482
  • Seats/Balls/Diaphragms: //Urethane
  • Porting: NPT
  • Material: Polypropylene


  • Fluctuations in fluid flow and pressure are adjusted automatically
  • Reduces up to 60-80% of fluid pulsation
  • Helps eliminate piping system and valve failures due to hydraulic shock and increased wear
  • Reduces costly process system downtime
  • Leak-free design with bolted construction provides longer and safer operation
  • Longer pulsation free performance due to rugged construction and superior design


  • Urethane Diaphragm
  • Kynar PVDF Air Section
  • NPT Threaded Connections
  • Kynar PVDF Fluid Section
  • Stainless Steel Hardware
  • PTFE Bladder