Aro R372C1-100 REGULATOR (1500 SERIES) – 15314362 – 3/8″ BSP

£46.80 Inc VAT

Excluding VAT: £39.00

Air line regulators provide controlled,
consistent air pressure as required for
specific pneumatic equipment connected to
the air system. All ARO-Flo regulators are
offered with a standard adjustment range
of 0 – 140 psig (0 – 9.6 barg). Alternative
spring ranges are offered for easy
conversion to suit different requirements.
Non-relieving regulators are offered
for applications where the venting of
downstream overpressure is undesirable.

Product Details

  • Brand: Aro
  • Part Number: R372C1-100
  • Family: 1500 Series
  • Max Flow Rate: 113 scfm
  • Porting: BSP


Industry leading flow rates
Panel nut included
All modular design
Full line accessory set
Bright, flush mount gauge with settable fan feature
Relieving or non-relieving options
2 year warranty

Diaphragm : Nitrile + acetal
Regulator Body : Aluminum
Regulator Valve : Brass + nitrile
Regulator Spring : Steel
Gauge Cover : Nylon + polycarbonate
Regulator Knob : Acetal
O-rings : Nitrile