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Pumps are an essential component of any swimming pool, choosing one can prove to be difficult, and diving headfirst into pumps and their specifications can be confusing. We have written this guide to help you simplify the process and explain exactly what the pump will be doing, and how to work out which pump you need.

A swimming pool pump circulates the water throughout the pool’s network, it removes any suspended solids, purifying the water. The main components of a swimming pool pump are the housing, the motor, the impeller and the strainer. The housing will contain all the components for the pump, the motor is situated at the back, and is used to power the impeller; the impeller is the force behind the pump which pulls the water through, and the strainer is used to catch any debris from going through the pump.


Pool Size

The first thing to consider is the size of your pool, you will need to work out the volume of your pool in order to find the correct sized pump. Volume is calculated by multiplying the length, width and depth of your pool.

Flow Rate

This is the amount of liquid volume can pass through your pump, after working out the volume of your pool, this number will need to be multiplied by 2 and then divided by 1440 to get your LPM (litre per minute) calculation. This will be the flow rate you need in your pump.


Your pump will either have a single or three phase motor. Single phase versions can be directly connected to the electrical supply system, but typically have a short life span. Three phase models are usually more compact, produce less vibrations and have a longer life span.

Heated Pools

If your pool is heated, your heat pump is seperate from your swimming pool pumps. Your swimming pool pump will filter the water first, it will then pass through your heat pump before returning to the pool.

Filter Size

Your pool’s filter size and your pump’s size should correlate, if they don’t then unnecessary strain can be added to the pump, shortening its life span, so it is important to ensure your filter’s flow rate matches your pump’s.

pentair nocchi swimming pool pumps

Choosing the right pump for your pool is important, but after you've selected your pump, it's important to think about your other requirements for the job. Below you'll find some items that may be considered essential, depending on your siutation. If you're ever unsure on your requirements, our team is available to help you.

Submersible Pumps

A submersible pump is essential if you ever need to drain your swimming pool. Looking at the pump's flow rate allows you to gauge how long it'll take to drain your pool, getting a pump with a float switch allows it to auto switch off when the water reaches a certain level.

Green Suction Hose

Green suction hose is a medium duty hose that can be used to connect your components. It's more rigid and heavier duty than blue lay flat, meaning it's more bulky but has a longer life span.

Blue Lay Flat Hose

A lighter and more compact hose, Blue Lay Flat is ideal for use on draining swimming pools and connecting certain components. It's easy to store after use, it's lightweight but has a shorter lifespan than heavier duty hoses.

Hose Accessories

You will need additional accessories to connect your hose up to your equipment, Jubilee Clips will help secure your hose onto your equipment, and Hose Barbs allow you to connect your hoses to certain pumps.

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