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An energy service company that refurbishes catalytic converters for power plants previously used two 29 mm peristaltic pumps to move lime slurry at 20% to 30% concentration for each of their two water treatment applications. These two peristaltic hose pumps were taking up a large portion of the workspace. In addition, the hoses on the peristaltic pumps needed to be replaced every 2 to 6 weeks, which was backing up production and increasing maintenance and repair costs. The company was looking for a solution to use their space more efficiently, decrease maintenance, and still maintain production flow rates.


By installing one Husky™ 1050e from Graco® into their water treatment facility, the energy service company was able to shut down both peristaltic pumps on a line and rely solely on the 1050e for lime slurry supply. They were surprised to discover that the Husky™ 1050e could achieve the same flow rates as the two pumps that it replaced despite the fact that it is a smaller size than one of the peristaltic hose pumps. They were also happy to find that the Husky™ 1050e’s diaphragms, balls, and seats have lasted over eight months without any issues. The multiple porting options of the aluminum Husky™ 1050e made it easy to install the pump and get it running right away.


Because the energy service company replaced two pumps with one, they reduced their upfront costs on equipment, and they had more available workspace to use for other production needs. In addition, the company was able to reduce maintenance and repair costs as a result of the Husky™ 1050e’s longer life on wear parts. Instead of experiencing downtime every 2 to 6 weeks to replace hoses, the company has not had any downtime for pump maintenance in over 8 months. Overall, the Husky 1050e allowed more space, decreased cost of repairs, less downtime, easy installation, and greater efficiency.