Aro 2″ Pit Boss Metallic 66M250-122-C – 15320674

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The Pit Boss range of air operated diaphragm pumps was developed especially for mining, construction, sump and other operations where a reliable, portable de watering and solids-handling pump is an everyday requirement. These dewatering pumps were named the “Pit Boss” for its tough, uncompromising performance and construction.

Product Details

  • Brand: Aro
  • Part Number: 66M250-122-C
  • Pump Code: 66M250-122-C
  • Pump Code: Air Operated
  • Power Source: Air Operated
  • Seats/Balls/Diaphragms: Aluminium/Nitrile/Nitrile
  • Body Material: Aluminium / Carbon Steel
  • Centre Section: Aluminium